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How body leasing can help your company

For most large companies in today’s world, IT specialists are a valuable and indispensable asset. There’s no business without the right people who can create tools or systems used by practically every department. From a front desk to complex solutions, IT technology is almost everywhere, so businesses cannot live without it.

In huge IT projects that are worth thousands or millions of dollars, each mistake or delay may cost you large sums of money. Time is money, as they say, so apart from processes and tools, to avoid these problems, we need those who can convert their time into money in due time. The money on yours and your client’s side.

Unfortunately, nowadays recruitment processes are longer and more challenging than in the past. Increasing demand for professionals and changing requirements of programmers make businesses trying to outdo each other. Apart from a number of original benefits offered to experienced employees, companies create career paths, improve workspaces, and try to sustain interesting projects programmers want to work on. Such moves extend recruitment processes and make them a bit more unpredictable.

So, how can we find the right specialists at the right time? Here comes body leasing.

What is body leasing?

Body leasing is a flexible form of acquiring talents in which a company may hire an employee with the required skills for a limited time. The employees are being sent to the company but they are employed by an agency that provides body leasing services. Such a cooperation is usually based on a certain period, so from the beginning, the client may know how much time the employee will spend on a project.

When could you use Body leasing?

As with each type of service, the first step to make the right decision whether to use body leasing or not is to analyze the situation at your company. So, there are a few factors that may influence your decision and help you decide whether body leasing is the best option.

  • Your specialists have too much work

We all know that sometimes in projects our employees may have too much work. Even if you’ve already assigned a lot of tasks to each person, you know that adding more things to the backlog may cause problems with productivity and time. The external consultants can quickly take over tasks which will allow us to keep the right level of work intensity.

  • You don’t have much time for recruitment

Implementation of IT projects takes time and each hour is really valuable. Therefore, engaging IT specialists in recruitment processes needs to be thought out and calculated. One of the objections that arise is that experienced people should be involved in projects instead of interviewing new candidates. Using the body leasing services allows to decrease the number of meetings because professional companies take care of the process. The client receives only resumes of people who fit the technical requirements.

  • The number of tasks is short

When we don’t have too many tasks and still can’t assign people from our team, it’s good to think over the body leasing option. This allows us to avoid a situation where we’ve employed someone and don’t have work for them. Such employment would give rise to unnecessary costs.

  • You don't have recruiters

Even if our organization has a well-working recruitment process in which recruiters play a vital role, sometimes HR forces may have too many open recruitment processes. It leads to a situation that is not too comfortable for the IT department. We simply lack people for recruitment. Using body leasing services may relieve our employees from the IT department.

How do we help businesses?

At Proexe we’ve made a very simple 5-step process that allows our clients to choose the best candidates and pay for results. Therefore, business can use the potential of well-educated and experienced specialists who join the projects quickly and do what’s to be done.

1. We check your requirements closely.

2. We recommend the best candidates.

3. You invite chosen candidates for an interview.

4. You decide if you’d like to work with the candidates.

5. You pay for the result if you hire someone.

Are you looking for IT professionals? Let’s talk!

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